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ProSpy RAT 2011 Cracked!!!! ( Language: Spanish)

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ProSpy RAT 2011 Cracked!!!! ( Language: Spanish)

Post by =--xxx(hacker)xxx--= on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:56 pm

start type any letter in username box (top one) and the prog will get open

ProSpy RAT is an application designed to spy and manage computers remotely in a completely invisible and anonymous. With ProSpy RAT basically get total control in real time on any remote PC that is running the server itself. You can view and control everything that takes place in one or more PCs from your own PC without anyone knowing.

File Manager
Camera Shots
Audio capture
Keylogger Online and offline
remote Shell
Send keys
manage MSN
manage clipboard
Descargar / Download and run
Send Message
visit website
Create script (bat, vbs, html, etc. ..)
Send command shell
read register
-Off scheduled Shutdown, Restart, Log Off
Server Options
-Naming, reconnect, disconnect, close, delete, send commands
Information System
active Processes
active windows
installed Applications
MSN Email Extractor

Customer Features
Reverse link system using sockets with encrypted traffic
Unlimited connections
Stable and fast
Spread (to send tasks to multiple users simultaneously)
-Passwords, download and run, messages, visit web, script, etc.
select Users
-For IP, Username / PC, country, OS version, etc.
Filter ips
-Send commands to connect or from time to time
Download folder for each user
System logs and complete statistics
Displays active windows remote users
NO-IP Client integrated
Usage is very intuitive and completely Spanish

Compatible with Windows Me, XP, 2000, Vista, Seven, etc.


Just to create the Server should open the Server_Builder And Put Your IP No

Note: Server.exe is given with the whole archive, server builder just modifies the existing server.exe for the ip but not create any new exe.

click to download

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